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The special hygiene and safety program of the Campagnola Hotel

Since 1964 the Pasotti family has been committed to let you enjoy a relaxing and peaceful stay, with rigorous controls and the pursuit of hotel excellence.

We care about your safety and the safety of all of us working at the Campagnola Hotel.

This is an essential condition to make you spend a beautiful holiday without worries, allowing you to enjoy all the beauties and comforts that the Hotel has to offer on the shore of the wonderful Lake Garda.

For this reason, given the current situation, we have strengthened the hygiene protocol that guarantees you a stay in complete safety, in compliance with all the hygiene rules envisaged. Our interventions will be rigorous, effective and very discreet; we are fully confident that to put them into practice the collaboration of all our welcome guests will not be missing.

Measures for the hygiene and the sanification of common areas

  • In all areas of the Hotel we have installed alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel dispensers. In detail, we point out that you will find them: at the entrance of the Hotel, in the breakfast room, in the garden, in all the rooms. They will also be present in all the work areas of our staff.
  • We will ensure adequate sanitation of all surfaces every day, with particular attention to those with which you come into contact in common areas (such as tables, handles, handrails in reception, breakfast room, terraces, outdoor gym area, etc.) through the use of detergents and sanitizers among those recommended by WHO, the Ministry of Health and Federalberghi
  • We have set up a special signage system in different areas of the hotel that will remind guests to sanitize their hands entering and exiting the various areas, to respect safety distances and to wear personal protective equipment, when necessary .
  • For the outdoor gym area we will provide disposable disinfectant sprays and sanitizing wipes, which we will invite you to use on your tools before using them.
  • We have arranged for periodic cleaning of the air conditioners with the sanitisation of the filters, using special products that comply with the most recent provisions.
  • Inside the hotel we have reduced the information material, both paper and plastic (flyer, brochure etc.) for which we could not have guaranteed optimal sanitation. All the contents previously communicated through these media will be easily accessible online and all the information you will need will be provided thanks to the timely and careful presence of our staff, who will answer all your questions.
  • We would like to specify that all additional sanitization systems (silver-ion treatment, specific disinfectants etc.) do not replace the disinfectants that have been recommended by the Ministry of Health, but add to these devices, they guarantee even greater hygiene.

Measures for the hygiene and the sanification of the rooms

We are happy to have equipped ourselves with cutting-edge tools and technologies:

  • All rooms in our hotel are sanitized through a silver ion treatment every 7 days and anyway every time that we have to welcome new guests, even in the case of shorter stays. The silver ion antibacterial treatment guarantees 99.9% blockage of the reproduction of bacteria and does not allow bacteria and viruses to survive within the treated area. This treatment is approved by the Ministry of Health and guaranteed by a study by the University of Ferrara.
  • Even for the rooms, as well as for the common areas, we have equipped ourselves with the best disinfectant and sanitizing products recommended by WHO, the Ministry of Health and Federalberghi, in order to guarantee maximum care in cleaning your personal spaces.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel dispensers have been installed in all bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • In each room our guests will find a small kit with individual protective equipment (masks and gloves) made available free of charge by the Hotel.
  • We have reduced the the paper and plastic information material and all the extra accessories for which we couldn’t guarantee effective sanification.

Other measures provided by the Hotel Campagnola

  • To ensure your safety and make you enjoy breakfast with every comfort, you can choose when you arrive to have breakfast in the dining room or on one of the two terraces: in this way we will be sure to always respect the distance between the tables and we will avoid crowding the common areas, which are however airy and spacious. For guests who want it, by notifying the reception the night before, there will also be the possibility to collect the breakfast tray the following morning to enjoy it in the intimacy  of their terrace, enjoying the lake view.
  • Our room cleaning interventions are rigorous, careful and follow all the hygiene and safety standards required by law. However, for those who feel even more secure by limiting the staff’s entrance to the room, we offer the possibility of arranging your room independently, making available everything you need (disinfectants, clean sheets, towels, gloves etc.) to be able to do it in all security respecting your needs.

Sure we can offer you a pleasant and relaxing stay, we remain at your disposal for any request. To write us, follow this link or send an email to

4 June 2020

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